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Make Your Halloween Party an Elegant Affair

Halloween parties with fake spider webs and big orange pumpkins are exciting for kids, but it’s important to elevate the taste level when you’re throwing an adults-only soiree. The recipe for success is fairly simple: Take inspiration from your favorite parts of the holiday and add a mature spin. Here are four ways to up the ante on your Halloween party for grown-ups.

1. Don’t Settle for Ordinary Cocktails

Red cups filled with beer and white zinfandel won’t cut it when you’re throwing an upscale party. Opt for glass tumblers or highballs filled with a signature cocktail. Mix vodka, blackberry juice and simple syrup to create a Black Widow cocktail. Want to spruce it up? Add dyed sugar to the rim.

2. Reinvent Candied Apples

A bowl full of candy won’t cut it at an elegant affair. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your food, though. Serve your guests “poisoned apples,” a fun wink at your favorite tale of a wicked witch and twist on the classic candied apple. Gather up caramel, sugar, corn syrup, and black food dye, and you’re ready to create your poison.

3. Stick with a Neutral Palate

Orange and black are the classic Halloween palate, but upscale affairs call for drama without cheesy whimsy. Lean toward black decor, adding touches of white or deep orange as accents. Use black plates and serving trays, complemented by white pumpkins and dark orange flowers to decorate your tables.

4. Use Antiques to Create a Spooky Vibe

Instead of cobwebs and fake flowers, use antiques to create a healthy dose of spooky. Distressed old clocks, antique photos and other accessories look like they’re straight out of a ghost story. This creates a spooktastic atmosphere without sacrificing upscale design.

Creating an elegant Halloween party for adults is easier than it sounds. Using dramatic accents and thoughtful place settings, you’ll create a ghoulish ambiance fit for grown-ups in no time. When in doubt, go with a dark yet neutral palate and serve lots of wine and cheese — a fan favorite for any occasion.

Take Your Game Day to the Next Level This Season

Everyone loves a good game day party, but why not take the celebration to the next level? Here are some refreshing ideas that will kick your party up a notch.

Delicious Food

Great food is absolutely essential for any game day party. Football parties are famous for hot wings and chips, but you can add a more elegant touch to the event by serving a wider range of options.
  • Tapas: Consider serving tapas style, urging guests to prepare their own small plates of a variety of snacks.
  • Chili Bar: You can make a chili bar by serving a large pot of chili, then add a small buffet for guests to choose their own toppings, like onions, cheese and oyster crackers.
  • Old Favorites: Because hot wings are practically a necessity, they should be included, too. You can always switch flavors to keep things interesting. Try serving new recipes like baked parmesan garlic wings or sticky honey-soy chicken wings to keep guests on their toes.

Refreshing Drinks

Your guests will be parched from all that food, so refreshing drinks are also a requirement. Beer is the most common game day beverage, but you can get creative here, too. Try adding one of the following:
  • Beer Flight: Serve a variety of beers with smaller glasses so guests can sample a wide selection.
  • Signature Cocktail: Create your own signature cocktail for guests to sip as they watch the game.
  • Mimosas: For earlier games, mimosas are a fun way to celebrate any wins (or drown your sorrows after a loss).

A Little Fun

While the game is the main event, you may want to add a few small diversions to keep things lively. Your friends might enjoy something small like a photo booth with props for taking silly pictures. You could also set up a small area of your home for darts or play a quick game of trivia during the half-time show. If you’d really like to impress, consider giving out prizes to the winners. The best part of a game day party is the relaxing atmosphere and quality time spent with your friends. If you take the time to include yummy food, cold drinks and a bit of fun, your friends are sure to have a lovely time and leave with smiles on their faces.

3 Benefits to Riverfront Living

There’s nothing better than waking up each morning and being able to walk out onto your balcony and enjoy the view of the river. Here’s 3 reasons why riverfront living is the best.

A Great Investment

Waterfront houses also accounts for a significant value in terms of investment. As the waterside property are normally scarce to find, this allows them to retain their value over a longer period as compared to properties in the city hub. Along with its excellent resale value, it can also be used for rental purposes. People want to rent waterfront homes for the same reasons that you want to buy one.

Close to the Action

Living on the water means you’re only minutes away from being able to enjoy a day on the boat, jet skiing or kayaking. With all these activities so convenient, you’ll feel like you’re always on vacation.

A Great Stress Reducer

The psychological benefits of living next to the water can’t be ignored. Another study by the same researchers found that people feel calmer and more relaxed by the sea and that access to a coastal environment encourages activity, as well as stress reduction.

Jacksonville Living: What to look forward to for the rest of 2017

Image courtesy of jaguars.com

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year! With new attractions opening an on the way, there’s plenty to do around town.

Daily’s Place is the newest entertainment destination in downtown Jacksonville, Florida that opened in May. Located next to the home of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, Everbank Field, the new 5,500-seat covered amphitheater will be home to great concerts, shows, festivals and events. Coming up in the next few months are:

  • Diana Ross – Wednesday, June 27
  • Chicago & The Doobie Brothers – Saturday, July 1
  • Journey – Wednesday, July 26
Daily’s place is the first ampitheatre built to connect to an NFL facility. Daily’s Place is one of the first steps in the plan to revitalizing Downtown Jacksonville and the Shipyards. Palazzo residents are only a short drive away!
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