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Paddle Away at The Palazzo on St. Johns!

Living at Palazzo on the St. Johns is a paddler’s dream! Whether you favor canoes, kayaks or paddleboards, you’re in a great location to launch your paddling adventure right from our own private marina.

You’ll enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding marshlands and preserve of Goodby’s Creek. One small channel leads along the creek toward the Baymeadows Road bridge and beyond. You’ll find less boat traffic as you proceed and a setting populated by turtles, owls, ducks, and other water fowl. It’s a peaceful, easy paddle as you pass under the second bridge where the creek narrows and the tree canopy thickens.

As an alternative, it’s only a short distance to the mighty St. Johns River where more adventures await. Along the east bank of the St. Johns, you’ll encounter Walter Jones Historical Park with its boat ramp, walking trails, picnic areas, restrooms and the Mandarin Museum and Historical Society.

If you’re ambitious, you can turn northward on the St. Johns and head toward downtown Jacksonville, or stop at any of the park-side ramps along the river toward town. St. Johns Marina is a good stopping place in the shadow of the city’s business district; it’s near restaurants, the Museum of Science and History, and the Southbank Riverwalk.

Whatever your paddling skill level, you’ll find our Goodby’s Creek setting a safe and quiet starting point for your paddling journeys. Enjoy your trip secure in the knowledge that when you return to your Palazzo on the St. Johns condominium home, you’ll have all the conveniences you need to freshen up, sit down and relax, whether on your patio or indoors. Or take a dip in our resort-style saline swimming pool and cook up a tasty meal in our summer kitchen.

Life is a breeze when you live at Palazzo on the St. Johns!

Call 904-627-4762, click www.PalazzoStJohns.com or visit us at the corner of Baymeadows and San Jose to tour The Palazzo on St. Johns today.

Make Your Water View the Centerpiece of Your Palazzo Home

Palazzo View There’s nothing that can match the beauty of a water view from your home’s windows. And at Palazzo on St. Johns, that view is priceless. It’s a big part of the reason people buy a luxury condo on the famed St. Johns River.

So why would you decorate to obscure that view? Here are some tricks and tips decorators offer to make your interior work to enhance your outdoor visage.

Treat the view as your most expensive piece of “art”
The view from your windows should be the focal point of your rooms. You can use blinds, shutters, or light curtains to lend privacy and moderate the light exposure on your furniture and flooring. These can be opened at will to treat the view as your centerpiece while entertaining or enjoying a leisurely day at home. Alternatively, you can apply privacy film over the glass.

Keep it light
Keeping wall and fabric colors light will help to focus on your view. Try using a subtle blue or green wall paint to pick up highlights in the water. Or use pale beige or white to let the water really shine. Likewise, keep fabrics in lighter tones. Enhance the look with natural, breezy fabrics like linen and cotton, and natural woods. If you enjoy deep colors and jewel tones, certainly don’t hesitate to include them, but do so through accessories placed here and there to deliver just a pop of color.

Guide the eye toward the view
Avoid blocking a straight line of sight to the windows and the water. Place large furnishings perpendicular to the windows. In the bedroom, place the foot of the bed nearest the view. Angle additional furniture in a line pointing to the windows rather than parallel to them.

Keep it subtle
Keep in mind that your water view is the focal point. Try to avoid decorating in a way that competes with the view. For example, avoid large paintings of bodies of water or nautical scenes, and keep the water-themed accessories – driftwood logs, giant seashell collections — to a minimum. Instead, incorporate natural elements that tie your space to the land, such as live plants, a bowl of pretty stones, or bamboo accessories.

Once you’ve tried these decorating tips, sit back and enjoy the view!

Make Your Living & Dining Rooms Sing!

Lucky you! Living in your new The Palazzo on St. Johns condominium means you can enjoy the beautiful water views from the spacious living/dining space at the heart of your unit. This is an ideal setting for casual private time as well as entertaining friends and family.

Decorating a combined room space can be tricky. Sometimes furnishings from a single-family home with clear room divisions don’t work well in a living/dining room combo. The same can be true for accessories and wall art.
Not to worry. We have some decorating tips to give your combined space a harmonious look from any vantage point.

Choose a single era or theme. Choose furniture of the same era or style for both spaces. That doesn’t mean the furnishings should be too “matchy-matchy.” Rather, they should be complementary, such as a modern sofa and chairs with a modern dining set, or traditional with traditional, rustic with rustic

Keep furnishings colors in sync. Furniture colors needn’t match throughout the space, but they should be in harmony. Perhaps choose a dominant color for your sofa and one living room chair, then softer version of the color for remainder of the living and dining area.

Coordinate wall colors. As with the furnishings, wall colors should be harmonious. A single color is ideal for unifying the space, but a combination of a predominant color on one wall with a softer hue of the same color on others can work as well. Take time to see what changes happen to wall colors at different times of the day to determine where darker or lighter shades might work best.

Orchestrate accessories and placement. One easy way to pull together the look of the combined space is to use the same type and color of curtains or blinds for the windows. Follow up with a careful choice of wall art; make sure that while it depicts different scenes or images it is close enough in mood and theme to coordinate with both the living and dining areas. Do the same with accessories. For example, avoid nautical accessories in the living room competing with an Old West theme in the dining area.

Whatever your decorating choices in your new home at The Palazzo on St. Johns, you’re sure to be delighted with the comfort and luxury afforded by living at this unique condo community.

Guess Who’s Moving in to The Palazzo on St. Johns?

Palazzo View

When The Palazzo on St. Johns luxury condo project was originally conceived, expectations were that it would attract buyers from places like Atlanta or Miami. Little did the planners know that many Palazzo buyers would turn out to be people living within a 10-mile radius of its San Jose Boulevard and Baymeadows Road location!

Like trends emerging all over the country, luxury condos offer the high-end amenities, floor plans, water views, and full-house feel that buyers are looking for. Clearly, with its St. Johns River access, private marina with boat slips, generous square footage and private elevators to each unit, The Palazzo condos fit the bill. Add to that granite countertops, large living and dining areas with water views, and multi-bedroom configurations, and it’s easy to see why The Palazzo meets the want lists for special segments of the population.

Both Baby Boomers who are right-sizing from a single family home and young professionals seeking carefree living are enthusiastic buyers.

Here are some of the advantages that attract both groups when they seek a condominium home, whether they live in Northeast Florida or the northeastern U.S.:

  • Less work, more rewards. No more mowing the lawn, maintaining the pool, landscaping chores, cleaning the gutters and the garage!
  • Economies of scale. Boomers can apply the money they gain from sale of a single family home for a condo that leaves them with cash to invest any way they want investment, travel, retirement, or spoiling the grandkids. Young professionals can find affordable but luxurious living in a location that puts them close to downtown and well-paying jobs
  • Safety and security. Built-in security and surveillance, freedom from unwanted solicitors, and worry-free travel are just a few reasons why luxury condos owners enjoy peace of mind every hour of their day.
We welcome you to call us at (904) 627-4762 for more information on The Palazzo on St. Johns or to schedule a tour.
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