Lucky you! Living in your new The Palazzo on St. Johns condominium means you can enjoy the beautiful water views from the spacious living/dining space at the heart of your unit. This is an ideal setting for casual private time as well as entertaining friends and family.

Decorating a combined room space can be tricky. Sometimes furnishings from a single-family home with clear room divisions don’t work well in a living/dining room combo. The same can be true for accessories and wall art.
Not to worry. We have some decorating tips to give your combined space a harmonious look from any vantage point.

Choose a single era or theme. Choose furniture of the same era or style for both spaces. That doesn’t mean the furnishings should be too “matchy-matchy.” Rather, they should be complementary, such as a modern sofa and chairs with a modern dining set, or traditional with traditional, rustic with rustic

Keep furnishings colors in sync. Furniture colors needn’t match throughout the space, but they should be in harmony. Perhaps choose a dominant color for your sofa and one living room chair, then softer version of the color for remainder of the living and dining area.

Coordinate wall colors. As with the furnishings, wall colors should be harmonious. A single color is ideal for unifying the space, but a combination of a predominant color on one wall with a softer hue of the same color on others can work as well. Take time to see what changes happen to wall colors at different times of the day to determine where darker or lighter shades might work best.

Orchestrate accessories and placement. One easy way to pull together the look of the combined space is to use the same type and color of curtains or blinds for the windows. Follow up with a careful choice of wall art; make sure that while it depicts different scenes or images it is close enough in mood and theme to coordinate with both the living and dining areas. Do the same with accessories. For example, avoid nautical accessories in the living room competing with an Old West theme in the dining area.

Whatever your decorating choices in your new home at The Palazzo on St. Johns, you’re sure to be delighted with the comfort and luxury afforded by living at this unique condo community.