Palazzo View There’s nothing that can match the beauty of a water view from your home’s windows. And at Palazzo on St. Johns, that view is priceless. It’s a big part of the reason people buy a luxury condo on the famed St. Johns River.

So why would you decorate to obscure that view? Here are some tricks and tips decorators offer to make your interior work to enhance your outdoor visage.

Treat the view as your most expensive piece of “art”
The view from your windows should be the focal point of your rooms. You can use blinds, shutters, or light curtains to lend privacy and moderate the light exposure on your furniture and flooring. These can be opened at will to treat the view as your centerpiece while entertaining or enjoying a leisurely day at home. Alternatively, you can apply privacy film over the glass.

Keep it light
Keeping wall and fabric colors light will help to focus on your view. Try using a subtle blue or green wall paint to pick up highlights in the water. Or use pale beige or white to let the water really shine. Likewise, keep fabrics in lighter tones. Enhance the look with natural, breezy fabrics like linen and cotton, and natural woods. If you enjoy deep colors and jewel tones, certainly don’t hesitate to include them, but do so through accessories placed here and there to deliver just a pop of color.

Guide the eye toward the view
Avoid blocking a straight line of sight to the windows and the water. Place large furnishings perpendicular to the windows. In the bedroom, place the foot of the bed nearest the view. Angle additional furniture in a line pointing to the windows rather than parallel to them.

Keep it subtle
Keep in mind that your water view is the focal point. Try to avoid decorating in a way that competes with the view. For example, avoid large paintings of bodies of water or nautical scenes, and keep the water-themed accessories – driftwood logs, giant seashell collections — to a minimum. Instead, incorporate natural elements that tie your space to the land, such as live plants, a bowl of pretty stones, or bamboo accessories.

Once you’ve tried these decorating tips, sit back and enjoy the view!