Everyone loves a good game day party, but why not take the celebration to the next level? Here are some refreshing ideas that will kick your party up a notch.

Delicious Food

Great food is absolutely essential for any game day party. Football parties are famous for hot wings and chips, but you can add a more elegant touch to the event by serving a wider range of options.
  • Tapas: Consider serving tapas style, urging guests to prepare their own small plates of a variety of snacks.
  • Chili Bar: You can make a chili bar by serving a large pot of chili, then add a small buffet for guests to choose their own toppings, like onions, cheese and oyster crackers.
  • Old Favorites: Because hot wings are practically a necessity, they should be included, too. You can always switch flavors to keep things interesting. Try serving new recipes like baked parmesan garlic wings or sticky honey-soy chicken wings to keep guests on their toes.

Refreshing Drinks

Your guests will be parched from all that food, so refreshing drinks are also a requirement. Beer is the most common game day beverage, but you can get creative here, too. Try adding one of the following:
  • Beer Flight: Serve a variety of beers with smaller glasses so guests can sample a wide selection.
  • Signature Cocktail: Create your own signature cocktail for guests to sip as they watch the game.
  • Mimosas: For earlier games, mimosas are a fun way to celebrate any wins (or drown your sorrows after a loss).

A Little Fun

While the game is the main event, you may want to add a few small diversions to keep things lively. Your friends might enjoy something small like a photo booth with props for taking silly pictures. You could also set up a small area of your home for darts or play a quick game of trivia during the half-time show. If you’d really like to impress, consider giving out prizes to the winners. The best part of a game day party is the relaxing atmosphere and quality time spent with your friends. If you take the time to include yummy food, cold drinks and a bit of fun, your friends are sure to have a lovely time and leave with smiles on their faces.